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Some Quick Suggestions for Erotic Novel Readers

Erotic novels are always fun. It is easy to understand and Fun to read why – first they turn you on. They excite your intellect in a way that’s hard to describe. You must settle for a good writer though. One who understands what it means to weave words in a Sexy way. One who can paint vivid images of eroticism in your brain as you flip pages. If you’re an Escort or you intend to join the industry, then such books are a must-have. That’s because they always give you a different perspective of the exciting world of Escorts.Try any of the following.

 Tell me What You Need by Susan Sheehey: It is a short, captivating, and mind-blowing short read with a fast pace and what feels unending Sexual tension. If you’re into Steamy Sex Scenes coupled with criminal mischief, then this book is without a doubt for you. The main characters, Vaughn and Cora have strong magnetic chemistry that’ll leave you falling in love with their relationship. The two are like modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. Make no mistake though. They’re not a couple. Cora hires a male Escort to pose as a diversion. The Stimulating Chandigarh Escort turns out to be her high school crush Vaugh, something she’d never imagined in a billion years. What follows next are twists and turns as the two explore each other’s worlds. Before they know it, they’ve both spun each other into a seductive web from which they can’t escape.

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The Virgin Replay by Lauren Blakely: Picture this…. Your brother is a baseball player. His team-mate is single but must show up for a family wedding with a prospect. He approaches you and you oblige, oblivious of the wild, adult indulgence that awaits you. You show up in Hawaii only to realize the hotel booked you into the same suite. You now have to shower near your fake boyfriend, put on bikinis in the same room, and slide into a king-size bed with nothing on but a black lace cami. He fights off the tension until you confess that you’re a virgin…that you’ve always wished he’d be the one to pop the cherry. The tension is palpable as much as the desire to indulge each other in Passionate Sex…what happens next is something you both never expected…and love is at the center of the mystery.

Stripped By Zoey Castille: Charming and sexy with bodies that look chiseled to perfection, the men and boys of adult Entertainment are the kinds of guys laid back women reserve for their Fantasies, not reality. Zac Fallon is that guy…and he’s good at what he does. Fashionable Chandigarh Escort with the looks of women drool over, he meets Robyn Flores, a teacher with a simple and somewhat boring life. He eventually likes her but she isn’t sure about his intentions. A quick thinker, he comes up with the Steamiest, Sexiest, most irresistible Seduction she’s ever experienced. The book is simply a scintillating blend of Sexy Attraction Sizzling on each chapter and weird Romantic suspense between characters.  Apt yet vividly described pages will dare the reader to flip pages with baited eagerness for what unfolds between the main characters.

The books are so well written with storylines and plots that hardly ever run out of passion well intertwined with suspense.

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