A Guide to behavior with the Escorts Service in Chandigarh

Escorts are most welcoming babes who are always entrusted with the responsibility to please clients. Likewise, clients too are under the courtesy to treat escorts well with due respect to their profession and humanity.  Escorts Service in Chandigarh, the best escorts of the city brings you some of the don’ts to confirm that you have a great time with the escort. 

Give Respect

You shouldn’t treat the Escorts Service like a whore. You should treat escorts with respect to procure their best of the efforts, to make them comfortable and off course out of humanity.  Can you imagine a great time with an escort using abusing language and treating in an unethical manner?  To get respect, treat them with respect. 

 Temporary and timely Romance 

You may fall in love with them but remember they are just going to be there with you only for a specific duration.   The pleasure they provide is real but can’t get emotionally inclined with you after the meet. Any kind of compulsion isn’t appreciated and acceptable.  Don’t peep into their personal lives and if you seriously want to spend time again with them, hire them once again. 

Chandigarh Call Girl

On Refunds and negotiations 

Asking for a refund once the clothes come off is not a gentleman act. In case you paid in advance and can’t make it to the meet then you deserve your money back. But if the escort has started her act, then it is advisable to continue and in case you have to leave then you are not entitled to refund. You are entitled to a refund in case the girl who has come for the meet doesn’t happen to be the one who is in the room.  Before going in bed with her, simply leave the meeting and ask for a refund.  Prices are already fixed and in no case open for any kind of negotiations.

Stick to the purpose of hire 

You may opt for blow job, bare back, strip tease, massages etc while hiring an escort. Once it is hired, you shouldn’t ask for more or other act as prices are charged according the request made by clients.  We would say that you should neither request for more nor should compromise for less.  Our Chandigarh Call Girls can’t offer beyond the terms agreed at the time of booking. 

Hygiene may not compulsory but it is ethical 

Hey, would a smelly and unhygienic escort would be fine with you?  We know your answer and likewise, escorts to would be able to live beyond your expectation it you maintain good standard of hygiene. Sex is a cozy act involving two bodies and every outer part getting exposed and playing with another part of body. 

Reveal your sex concerning secrets 

If you are taking any kind of sex related medicines, kindly share it with the escorts.  Any sex related problems like pain in the dick or any kind of wound over it needs to be disclosed so that our escort does not land you in any kind of pain instead of pleasing you.  

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